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Why Become A Phlebotomy/ECG/PFT Technician

This program of study is an interdisciplinary program that involves the flexibility of the student mastering the skill sets to perform the duties of three different allied healthcare professions. The three allied healthcare professions are phlebotomy, electrocardiography, and pulmonary function testing. Upon the completion of this program, the student will be equipped with the knowledge and skills set to perform as a Phlebotomist by carrying out venipuncture (the art of inserting a needle or cannula into a vein for the purpose of withdrawing a blood specimen from a human patient), learning the functions of blood and the care of handling blood specimens and personal protective care; as an ECG technician by generating an electrocardiogram from knowledge obtained by learning the anatomy and physiology of the human heart as well as knowledge and skills needed to operate an electrocardiogram machine in order to produce a trace recording of the electrical activity of the human heart (electrocardiogram) for the purpose of diagnosing disease of the heart and finally; as a PFT technician by performing pulmonary function testing.


  • Venipuncture
  • Capillary Puncture
  • Microscopy/Blood Smear
  • Dosage computations
  • Anatomy and Physiology of Human Circulatory System
  • How to generate an electrocardiogram trace.
  • Pulmonary Function Testing
  • Peak Expiratory Flow Rate
  • Pulse Oximetry Reading
Who should pursue a career as a Phlebotomy/ECG/PFT Technician?
This program of study is for anyone who has the ability to express empathy while completing challenging tasks when working closely with patients who may be in extreme pain or emotional stress. Phlebotomy/ECG/PFT technicians must follow exact instructions from physicians in order to perform the correct test or procedure.

What is the outlook for a Phlebotomy/ECG/PFT Technician?
Employment of Phle/ECG/PFT technicians is expected to grow by 29 percent this year according to the 2013 U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics


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Medical practices
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